Full Zyppah Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Review – Does It Really Work?

zyppah reviewsThere are so many Zyppah reviews on the internet today. But does it really work? And how do you use it? Find answers to these and other questions in our article below.

Zyppah has an intriguing design which is completely different from that of other anti-snoring products, and thanks to its vibrant coloring it is a visually appealing device. Working in the same way as other MAD devices, by repositioning the jaw in a forward position, this device also features a stabilizing strap to prevent the tongue from blocking the airways.

Cleared by the FDA, the Zyppah uses boil and bite technology and is completely safe to use. This unique product tackles snoring issues with a double action approach and combines two types of technology in an effective way. Although this is a relatively new addition to the anti snoring mouth-guard market, it is becoming popular due to its non-standard approach.

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Pros & Cons


  • A hybrid solution combining the best of an MAD and a TSD device in order to eliminate snoring
  • Small and light without a bulky presence inside the mouth
  • Made in the USA with high quality materials
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Backed up by a 90 day money back guarantee
  • Robust construction and a lifespan of around 12 months
  • Boil and bite technology for a more customized fit
  • Integrated air holes for natural breathing through the mouth or nose while sleeping
  • BPA free for better health and well being
  • Designed by a qualified dentist
  • A visually appealing product, available in a choice of attractive colors


  • No micro-adjustment feature unlike several other rival products and this means that achieving a truly custom fit is impossible. This may also contribute to increased jaw pain on wear
  • Some pain, soreness and drooling with initial use (although this generally subsides after a short period)
  • There are no trays to help the user to fit their teeth into place and this can make the initial fitting process quite awkward, requiring the wearer to use a mirror to visually find the correct positioning
  • Cannot be used by those with oral prosthetics like dentures, bridges, caps or crowns. It is also unsuitable for use by anyone who has loose, chipped or weak teeth due to the need to bite down on the appliance
  • This device is not suited to those who dislike the sensation of having a full mouth during the night or who have a sensitive gag reflex
  • The tongue strap may prove awkward or uncomfortable for some users and could even trigger the gag reflex in some wearers
  • More costly than some other comparable devices, including those which offer the micro-adjustment feature that this appliance lacks
  • Must be cleaned with denture tabs rather than standard toothpaste and water which may be inconvenient

Offering Two Solutions All In One Piece

There are other mouthpieces on the market today that claim to keep the jaw tilted forward, but they have not proven to be as reliable as the Zyppah. They don’t keep the tongue from falling back into the throat after it relaxes. This remarkable unit has that additional feature which will allow you and those around to get a good night’s rest. No other mouthpiece on the market today has this patent-pending elastic feature that this device has.

Safe To Use

The FDA has cleared this unique mouthpiece and gave it their seal of approval. If any product has any possible potential danger, the FDA won’t clear it and give their approval. With the Zyppah having that in place is a sign of confidence that you can count on, especially since this is a product that you put in your mouth and leave while you sleep. There are some mouth pieces models out there that can make you feel as if you are choking. But this one won’t and the FDA knows that.

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While this device doesn’t have an adjustment to the jaw advancement feature, other models on the market don’t have it either at this time. This does take away the fact of the effectiveness the ZYPPAH offers that it does reduce jaw, muscles, and teeth aches and pains that are common to MADs.

And like any mouthpiece, the soreness and tenderness that people experience is common among all MADs, not just Zyppah. The process for customized fitting is more involved than other devices on the market now, but the different process does give the user a more personalize fit. And while this device isn’t recommended for those who have dental prosthetics, there is another device on the market that can help those snorers. In conclusion, this is a great product and it works for many people.

What is Zyppah?

what is zyppah

The Zyppah is an advanced hybrid oral appliance, combining the features of both a TSD (Tongue Stabilizing Device) and an MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device). Cleared by the FDA and manufactured in the USA, it allows for a customized fit thanks to its boil and bite technology.

It functions by repositioning the lower jaw in the same way as an MAD, which prevents the jaw from falling back into the airway and preventing the loose tissues from producing vibrations, however it also incorporates some TSD features, with a band to stabilize the tongue.

Although this appliance has not been tested scientifically, similar MAD devices to this product have been the subject of clinical testing and have been proven to be effective in reducing and even eliminating snoring in a wide range of patients. As the Zyppah also features an elastic strap to keep the tongue in position, rather than an TSD device, it is likely to be even more effective than a traditional MAD appliance.

Product Details of the Zyppah

The TSD features of the Zyppah is the design that keeps the tongue stabilized while wearing the mouth piece. Normally, MADs do the job of unblocking the airway, but that isn’t always enough. The tongue is also a muscle and when you sleep, it relaxes allowing it to fall back into your throat while you sleep, causing you to snore. This is especially true for people who sleep on their back. Even though the Zyppah requires a prescription to  get it, it is well worth a trip to your dentist or doctor.

How it works?

While we sleep, it is possible for the soft palate or the tongue to collapse or fall backwards, causing an obstruction to the airways. It is this constriction that results in the vibrations that make the sound we know as snoring.

One of the ways to eliminate this problem is to ensure that the jaw is held in such a position that the tissues are unable to relax enough to vibrate, and this is the function that an MAD device performs. They are held inside the mouth during the night by the teeth, keeping the jaw pushed forward so that it is unable to fall backwards.

While the Zyppah performs the function of an MAD, this is not where its functionality stops. Yes, this device does keep the jaw correctly positioned, however it works in two ways to eliminate snoring. As well as opening the airways by positioning the jaw forward and tightening the loose tissues around the jaw and neck that vibrate during sleep and cause snoring, it also prevents the tongue from falling back in the throat by holding it in place with an elastic band.

This is a major advantage over other mouthpieces as it makes it completely unique in the market. The Zyppah incorporates the popular boil and bite technology to ensure a customized fit. This requires the user to put the mouthpiece into boiling water for up to a minute, making sure that it is completely submerged using a spoon or tongs, before allowing it to cool down and then inserting it the right way up into the mouth and biting down into the material in order to form the impression of your jaw and teeth.

You will know which side is the right way up as the lower tray has the word “Zyppah” written on it. Once this position has been held for around 45 to 60 seconds, you remove the mouthguard and simply put it under running water for 30 seconds or so to harden it back up. You will then have a mouthpiece which is custom designed for your own mouth and this will ensure a comfortable fit.

Test the device in your mouth and make sure that it fits properly over your teeth. If you find that you are experiencing any discomfort, don’t worry as you can repeat the process again in an attempt to achieve a better fit. This mouthpiece also features a generously sized air hole which is located towards the front of the device, and this allows the wearer to breathe normally in their preferred manner, whether through their nose or their mouth, throughout the night.

This means that this mouthpiece is an ideal solution for those who are unable to breathe through their nose due to a cold, an allergy or some other type of nasal injury or medical condition. One point that should be noted about the Zyppah Rx is that its boil and bite design is a little different to other MADs.

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The majority of these devices are made with a recessed tray which guides the teeth into the right position for fitting, however this appliance does not have any such tray, relying instead on visual alignment. You will therefore need to use a mirror to check that you have your lower and upper teeth correctly positioned before you bite down on the material.

While this is not as complicated as it sounds, it is important to follow the precise fitting instructions included in the instruction manual to make sure that you are completing the initial fitting process correctly. Although it is not necessarily a more difficult procedure than that used to fit other MADs, it is unusual and may put some users off.

Zyppah Price

On its initial release, the Zyppah cost $123. Today, it retails at a more affordable $98.15. On its official website, you will find it priced at just $89.95, with a fee for shipping, handling and processing of $9.95.

If you purchase two mouthpieces, the second one comes in at just $59.95. When you order the Zyppah from the manufacturer’s website, you can also benefit from a 90 day one time replacement warranty, and this allows your mouth-guard to be replaced free of charge for any reason within that period of time.

You can also obtain a refund for the product’s total price if you choose not to continue using the product within the first 90 days. Returning the product is easy as long as you obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number from the manufacturer’s customer services team before you return it, and this number must be written clearly on the packaging in order to receive your refund.

Customers who find it difficult to pay the full amount of the product up front can even benefit from from the manufacturer’s payment plan, which offers buyers the option of spreading the cost over three installments of $39.95 each.

About the Company

The designer of the Zyppah is Jonathan Greenburg, a doctor of over 30 years of dentistry experience who also has a background in bioengineering. For the last decade, he has been researching snoring and sleep apnea, and the result is this product which completely addresses the issue of blocked airways.

His company, Snore No More, now has 5 facilities across California, in Newport Beach, Encino, Pasadena, Beverly Hills and Valencia which have made their focus sleep apnea, snoring and intolerance to CPAP machines. The company currently produce two versions of the Zyppah device. One is available over the counter without any need for a prescription when it is purchased on the internet.

This product can only treat snoring. If you are able to visit one of the five Californian Snore No More centers, you can be prescribed one of the three other versions which are only offered on a prescription-only basis and must be custom fitted by a doctor in person.

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers have found that this device works well for them, and while some have expressed concerns regarding comfort and the inconvenient nature of the tongue strap, it has been demonstrated to have prevented snoring in most cases.

Many users have found that this is actually a surprisingly comfortable device to wear when compared to other MAD devices due to its less bulky size, and although before trying out the device many snorers were concerned that the tongue strap would be uncomfortable or cause gagging, in fact these fears were largely unfounded.

In fact, in several cases, users were confident that the hybrid approach of including the tongue strap as an additional feature actually contributed to the reduction of their snoring, making this appliance a better choice than a traditional oral appliance which only incorporates the features of an MAD.


The Zyppah was released in 2008 and to date, it has an excellent reputation. It is now a popular device, despite having been relatively recently released onto the market, and it was created by a dentist with over 30 years of experience in the industry as well as a background in bio-engineering.

This is an effective product which eliminates snoring both by repositioning the jaw and also by stabilizing the tongue. It is quite comfortable to wear and as it is BPA-free, that is another advantage. The Zyppah is also cleared for use by the FDA and this gives peace of mind to wearer, especially those who are concerned about the safety aspects of wearing a device inside their mouth while they sleep.

While this product is a little more costly than some other devices, its dual-action nature means that the price is justified. Effective and high quality, this hybrid product outperforms many of its rivals thanks to its dual-pronged approach to eradicating snoring, and due to its small, non-bulky construction is a much more comfortable than some similar appliances on the market.

There are, however, some downsides, and in particular the lack of a micro-adjustment feature which would have helped the wearer to achieve an even more customized fit for better comfort and decreased soreness in the jaw. Many similarly priced (or even cheaper) products offer this feature as standard, and this is a drawback when considering choosing this device. This might work for some people, but we’d personally suggest other alternative products.

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  1. I’ve had my Zyppah for just over a week now, and am happy with it. So is my boyfriend! He is the one who initially found it online, and then my cardiologist actually recommended I get this product when I brought it up with him. Although my snoring has not completely stopped, it much quieter and the Zyppah is not uncomfortable, especially because it can be custom fit by making an impression of your own teeth. The fitting and molding took less than five minutes. I’ve had minimal soreness, the worst being my front teeth as they are quite large, but again, it’s minimal and goes away quickly after I take the Zyppah out. There was some initial drooling, but that has stopped. I do fall asleep quickly, so the Zyppah doesn’t hinder my sleeping – it’s actually helped it. I’m beginning to feel more rested and have been told I’m already smiling more and am looking vibrant! Those are such positive compliments! My boyfriend recorded me before the Zyppah and after, and the difference is astounding. I’m very grateful this product exists. Oh, and I haven’t had any problem with the tongue strap, I honestly think that’s the best feature. It also comes in a variety of colors, and I chose the pink, which makes it feel like less of a dental appliance. (I have no affiliation with Zyppah, but am happy that my guy found this product.)


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