My Snoring Solution Full Product Review

my snoring solution reviewThe idea of My Snoring solution is that snoring is caused by the mouth staying open while we sleep. With this unit, that will cease because it secures the jaw in proper position. This is a highly recommended product “as seen on TV” and has been discussed on American Medical Review.

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It is a head band that supports the jaw with a closed circular shape made  from a flexible and stretchy material that you wear around your head, totally encasing it, while you sleep. You this by placing your chin in wider portion and then stretched out over both ears and pulled over the back of your head. It provides a hammock type style for your chin.

It is possible that it is addressing your snoring issues before you ever lay your head down with a gentle forcing of your jaw frontward and upward. This will allow you to breathe without restrictions and it resets your mouth and throat’s muscle tissues.

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Pros & Cons


  • This chin strap fits anyone and works for most people and can even be used if you wear dentures.
  • It isn’t invasive in regard that it doesn’t go inside your mouth and it is easy to use with long straps so that you can make it fit and stay put.
  • The flexible material makes it easy to pack for traveling.
  • It gently trains your jaw to move forward. In time, you may not need to wear the unit again.
  • Does not affect your gums, teeth or tongue and doesn’t cause you drool or leave you sore.


  • It is expensive – even with the buy 1, get 1 offer.
  • The restless sleeper will have issues with it moving around.
  • With daily use, the material begins to stretch out over time and lose its elasticity and effectiveness.
  • Compared to like products, it has a low rate of effectiveness for the money.
  • There are issues with the manufacturer’s credentials that are found online.
  • There are many negative reviews by clients that detail problems with the money back guarantee.

What is My Snoring Solution?

First of all, this chin strap is not a high fashion item! It supports the jaw with a flexible, stretchy head band that closes together in a circular shape and supports the chin to keep you from snoring. Thankfully, you only wear the unit while you’re asleep.

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How it works?

You place your chin in the wide portion and then bring both sides up over your ears. While you have the device on, it causes your jaw to move forward and upward, keeping it closed as you sleep. This automatically opens up your airway passage with reduced air velocity and less vibration of the soft tissues which is where snoring sounds come from.

how it works

Does it help your snoring problem?

Because there is more than one probable cause for snoring, the answer is maybe, maybe not. While MSS has the potential to minimize snoring that is caused by the mouth staying open as you sleep. And there is independent testing that supports the results which are posted on the company’s website.

My Snoring Solution Price

There are products on the market that claim to do the same thing for a lot less money, but with the 2-for-1 special offered by the manufacture, it brings it to a more realistic price point. But when you consider that it can only help one type of snoring, it seems a bit overpriced at $119.97. The ninety day warranty is a plus in its favor.

What Customers Are Saying

Many people that tried MSS found it to be comfortable, effective and easy to use. One wife reported that she often chose to sleep in another room or wear earplugs, but with her husband wearing this device, she no longer has to do that.

However, there are quite a few customers, who are less than satisfied saying that this is an overhyped product that actually caused more problems than it solved. And that the elasticity weakened which weakened the hold of the jaw and the snoring returned.

Other Recommendations

This product has several practical difficulties and the customer service desk was not helpful at all. If MSS was at a lower price point, like $10 or $20, it may be worthwhile. But for $119.95 it is high priced for something that doesn’t effective work for most people. If you are looking for a better alternative, I would suggest you to check out our VitalSleep or Good Morning Snore Solution reviews.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of products on the market to help stop snoring. Considering the price point, it may be worthwhile to try a less expensive one first before putting this much investment into a product that has as many, maybe even more, negative reviews. For the person that has dentures or other dental issues, this could be the best solution. But in short, we would recommend you check out other cheaper and more effective alternatives on the market.

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