Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews – Is GMSS the Best Mouthpiece on the Market?

good morning snoring solution reviews

Sometimes referred to as GMSS, the Good Morning Snore Solution is a type of TSD (Tongue Stabilizing Device), as distinct from an MAD (or Mandibular Advancement Device). This makes it stand apart from many of the other anti-snoring products on the market today. While TSDs look different and function in a different way to MAD devices, the GMSS delivers an excellent level of efficiency at eliminating snoring, and is actually better than some MAD products that can be purchased today.

The Good Morning Snore Solution represents a safe and comfortable solution to the disruption that snoring causes that suits all kinds of users, even those who wear dentures, who have loose teeth or who dislike the sensation of an appliance which fits entirely inside the mouth. It can even be effective in reducing or even completely eradicating snoring problems in those who are heavy snorers. A TSD device works by holding the tongue in the correct position during the night to keep it from falling backwards into the throat where it can cause an obstruction in the airways, leading to vibrations in the tissues which results in the sound that we know as snoring. There are so many Good Morning Snore Solution reviews, but this one covers it all. So first, let’s look at the pros and cons of this product in our Good Morning Snore Solution review.


Pros & Cons

As with all anti-snoring products, there are numerous pros and cons to choosing this device. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece so that you can see at a glance its advantages and disadvantages:


  • It has a comfortable design that is made from a non-bulky, soft material for a better mouth feel
  • Completely BPA-free for better health and well being
  • It is supported by a risk free money back guarantee
  • An easy to clean, simple design with a long lifespan of one year upwards
  • Made by a manufacturer that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • This is a dentist-designed device
  • Cleared by the FDA
  • Comfortable to wear as it does not fit over the teeth in the same way as an MAD does and therefore does not prompt the gag reflex
  • Can be worn by those who have dental prosthetics including dentures, crowns, bridges and caps as there is no need to bite down to hold the device in place
  • There is no need for boil and bite technology or micro adjustment to achieve a perfect fit as is the case with an MAD, it is suitable for use straight out of the box for the ultimate in convenience
  • Clinically proven to be effective at dealing with snoring problems
  • Made by a company with a good reputation and a long history of success in the industry
  • Does not cause or aggravate TMJ unlike MAD devices
  • Available as a family pack for households that have multiple snorers
  • No prescription is required to obtain this device unlike MAD appliances
  • Simple to use with no adjustment required
  • Can be purchased internationally


  • Higher priced than some other products
  • May cause some initial tongue soreness for a short period
  • The user cannot breathe through mouth during sleep when using this device which is a problem for those who have a nose injury, nasal problems, a cold or allergies
  • May slip off the tongue during the night
  • Can cause drooling initially
  • Should be cleaned using a recommended cleaning solution which must be purchased at a chemist rather than standard toothpaste and water
  • This product will only work to resolve your snoring if the problem relates to your tongue’s position during your sleep. If you have an obstruction further back in your airways, this device will not be able to rectify the problem.
  • As this product cannot be adjusted to fit your mouth’s shape, some users may find that it does not fit comfortably in their mouth

What is Good Morning Snore Solution?

GMSS is a brand new, innovative way to stop snoring. Developed by leaders in the sleep research industry, it is a comfortable, easy to use mouthpiece that has been clinically proven to be effective in stopping snoring. The mouthpiece has been approved as a Class I Medical Device by Health Canada for sleep apnea and snoring treatment. It is approved by the United States FDA for the treatment of snoring and is classified as a Class II Medical Device. It is also approved by the European Commission (EU Medical Directive) and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

How It Works

While MADs have been clinically proven to prevent snoring, TSDs are equally effective as long as the source of your snoring comes from the part of the mouth that is just behind the tongue. This is the case for most people and therefore it is highly likely that you will find relief from your night time disturbances by using the Good Morning Sleep Solution. The GMSS has a suction bulb which is depressed as the device is attached to the tongue’s tip. It then sits between the inner lips and the outer teeth to keep the tongue held forward.

This will stretch the airway’s muscles and tighten the throat tissues to prevent them from vibrating and causing snoring. As the GMSS doesn’t sit in the mouth itself, it requires no custom fit and means that there is no need to become used to wearing a device in the mouth at bedtime. It is very simple to use, simply requiring the wearer to place in it position with the bulb outside the mouth, press the bulb and put the tip of the tongue into the device, releasing the bulb to achieve suction. Your tongue will then be held securely in place to guard against snoring.

Are There Any Side Effects?

GMSS has no long-term side effects, but can have a couple of minor short-term side effects. Some users that use the mouthpiece may experience a tender tongue and/or excess saliva. However, as you get used to wearing the anti-snoring device, these side effects should disappear on their own.

Does It Really Work?

gmss reviews

Unlike most other anti-snoring devices and products, GMSS is backed by scientific research and clinical studies. After using the device for one week, 34% of participants saw an increase of at least 50% in regards to their Respiratory Disturbance Index. In terms of nighttime snoring, the device reduced participants’ snoring index by about 40%. Over 70% of the participants in the study decided to continue using GMSS because they were so satisfied with how the device improved their snoring.


Compared to Other Products

The GMSS is as effective as most other anti-snoring products and as it was designed by a qualified dentist and then cleared by the FDA, it is a trustworthy and reputable device. It has also been proven to work. Comfortable, effective and suitable for use straight out of the packet, as well as being able to be used by those with loose teeth or dentures, it has many advantages over other products on the market.

The Good Morning Sleep Solution has also been tested in a study carried out by its creator, Dr Leslie Dort, in 2008. This is unusual among this class of products. The conclusion of the study was that 70% of participants found the device very effective in eliminating their snoring problem, and this is a comparable rate to studies which have been carried out on MAD devices.

Who is the GMSS Recommended For?

The GMSS is recommended for a broad spectrum of users, including those who have dental prosthetics such as crowns, caps, bridges or dentures or who suffer from weak or loose teeth. This means that the Good Morning Sleep Solution is a perfect choice for this category of users, since MAD devices cannot be used by those with dental problems due to the need to bite down on the device to make it effective.

As this device does not actually sit inside the mouth at night, it is also a less invasive solution for snoring than an MAD and it requires no prescription and does not have to be bought from a dentist. This is the best option for anyone who dislikes the sensation of something in their mouth thanks to its unique design as well as for those who have a sensitive gag reflex or who are afraid of accidentally swallowing the appliance in their sleep. It is also a good solution for those who continue to experience soreness of the jaw when using an MAD or who found that MADs did not cure their snoring problem.

On the other hand, if you are unable to breathe through your nose, the Good Morning Sleep Solution is not a good fit for you, since you cannot breathe through your mouth while you wear it. This means that if you have a deviated septum, nasal polyps, a cold, allergies or any other nose injury that limits your ability to breathe through your nostrils, you should opt for a different type of stop snoring device.

Where to Buy GMSS?

It is recommended to purchase GM Snore Solution from the official website (here). This is so that you can ensure you are receiving the genuine product and that you have access to great discounts, deals and the 60-day money back guarantee. Currently, the device can be purchased online as a single device or as a pair.

Ultimately, if you have trouble snoring or know someone who does and have been unable to find a solution, GMSS is a clinically proven, effective anti-snoring device boasting virtually no side effects. With such a high success rate, it will likely put an end to your snoring allowing you – and your partner – to get a peaceful night of sleep.



The GMSS is a little more expensive than many other options, but there is a deal which brings the price more in line with other choices on the market. A single device is priced at $104.94 (see current price), however if you purchase two, the price is just $159.94, which comes in at just $79.97 for each unit. It therefore makes more sense to buy two devices at the same time, either for another member of the family who also suffers from a snoring problem, or as a backup device for yourself should you lose yours, or for when it requires replacement.

As these devices are very easy to clean and have a long lifespan of around a year or more, they represent good value for money. Note that shipping costs around $10 extra within the US and up to $30 for expedited delivery. International deliveries are also possible, however the cost of shipping abroad will vary depending on the country and method of delivery. The GMSS also benefits from a 30 day money back guarantee, which allows the user to try out the product risk-free and to return it for no extra fee if dissatisfied.

If, at the end of the trial period, you are satisfied with your purchase, your credit card will simply be charged at that time for the full amount of the device. There are, however, other cheaper devices on the market which are also effective in resolving snoring problems, so if you cannot afford this option, there are plenty of others to choose from that may be within your budget.

Clinical Trial for Good Morning Snore Solution

A group of 32 participants was split into two groups with one group receiving the GMSS device while the other group received a similarly designed mouthpiece that did not have the suction mechanism. All the participants had been previously evaluated by a physician and diagnosed with some type of snoring problem.

The device was to be used for one week. Following this one week, there were three factors evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the device used. These three factors were:

  • Respiratory Disturbance Index – RDI for short, this is the measure of how many times your sleep is disturbed during the night divided by the number of hours you were asleep.
  • Snoring Index – SI for short, this is how many times you snored each hour while asleep.
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale – ESS for short, this is how sleepy you are during the day as determined by answers to eight questions.

So, in short, each subject was evaluated for how many times they snored each hour, the number of times their breathing was disturbed while asleep in relation to sleeping hours and how sleepy each person was throughout the day.

Clinical Trial Results

In 34 percent of the participants, there was an average reduction of RDI of at least 50 percent. Basically, it was shown that the GMSS reduced the amount of disturbances to fewer than 10 per sleeping hour. Those that had been diagnosed with severe OSA and sleep apnea saw a 50% reduction in nighttime disturbances. The Snoring Index was reduced by almost 40 percent, on average, with the GM Snore Solution device helping participants see a drastic improvement in snoring.

Nearly all of the participants, more than 70 percent, wanted to continue using GMSS after they experienced such an improvement in their nighttime snoring habits. Participants said that the device not only improved their snoring but also how sleepy they were during the day.

This clinical trial was published in May 2008 in the Journal of Sleep and Breathing.

This was the first and only controlled and randomized cross over clinical trial of its kind for anti-snoring devices. The results from this study quickly established Good Morning Snore Solution’s scientific credibility and efficacy.

How to Use It

This mouthpiece is extremely easy to use. Here’s how to use it:

1. Place the mouthpiece between your front teeth and lips.

2. Squeeze the very tip of the device with your first finger and thumb. At the same time, suck the air out.

3. Push your tongue – just the tip – into the end of the mouthpiece and let go of it.

4. Relax and go to sleep.

While it may be a little uncomfortable at first and your tongue may be tender or you may have a little excess saliva, these small problems will generally resolve themselves with regular use. Unlike snoring surgery or other stop snoring products, these side effects are minor and should disappear in time making them a small price to pay if it gets you and your partner a good night’s rest!

Company’s Information

The company that created this device was formed by Dr Leslie Dort, with the research into it being funded by the Alberta Research Foundation for Medical Research. Her company is called MpowRx Health and Wellness Products Inc, and it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. All of the relevant information about the company, including its email and contact addresses as well as contact numbers can be found on both the MpowRx website and the GMSS website.


The Good Morning Snore Solution is an excellent choice as it fills a gap in the market, aimed at those who want a comfortable and effective product that meets the needs of those who dislike an invasive in-mouth appliance or those with dental problems who cannot use an MAD. While it is a little more expensive than some alternatives, it has a lot of positive features which make the extra cost worth it, and thanks to the money back guarantee, you take no risks in trying it out.

When compared to a standard MAD device, the Good Morning Snoring Solution has been found to be equally effective without any of the added bulkiness that an in-mouth device has. It also has the advantage of the wearer never having to worry that they may accidentally swallow it during their sleep, which is another concern that some users express about MAD devices.

Cleared by the FDA as well as Health Canada, the Australian Government and the European Union, it is completely safe to use and since it has been manufactured from a material that is completely free of BPA it will not cause any long term damage to your health or well being. The GMSS can improve your quality of sleep significantly, allowing you to have increased energy during the day and an improved quality of life.



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