How can yoga help you stop snoring?

Yoga is not just a fantastic way to work out but it can also help to prevent snoring too. If the cause of your snoring is circulatory problems or stress, the good news is that there are several yoga exercises which are beneficial in clearing the airways and reducing the severity of the problem. The best thing about yoga is that it is a safe and side-effect free snoring solution which can be used alongside any other remedies that you are taking.

Here are some suggestions for yoga exercises and positions that can help to reduce snoring and open your airways:

Exercise 1 – The Roaring Lion Pose

girl in black with a tongue outFold your legs under your body as you sit on the floor, with your hips resting on your heels. Spread apart your thighs, placing the palms of your hands between your knees onto the floor with your wrists pointing outwards and your fingers pointing inwards. Lean your body forwards, tilting your head backwards while inhaling deeply. Open your mouth, extend out your tongue and slowly exhale. Repeat three times. This exercise is designed to clear throat obstructions while expanding lung capacity.

Exercise 2 – Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique

girl breathing through noseSit down cross-legged on the floor, close your eyes and continue to breathe through your nose deeply, inhaling through the nostrils to produce a rasping sound like waves on the beach. Contract your neck muscles, then hold your breath for as long as you are able. Hold down one nostril, exhaling through your other nostril, then repeat with your second nostril. Repeat 3 to 5 times daily. This exercise also strengthens the muscles in your throat as well as freeing airway obstructions, reducing problems with sleep apnea.

Exercise 3 – Victory Breath Position

girl doing yogaSit comfortably with your eyes closed and lips sealed. Exhale and inhale through your nose deeply, contracting your throat muscles while you do so. Imagine that you are sipping in each breath through a straw while you keep your mouth closed. Your breathing should sound similar to waves on a beach. Repeat a minimum of 9 times. This exercise will help to strengthen all the muscles in your face and throat while calming the mind and regulating sleep patterns.

The Om Mantra

By chanting the Om mantra, the cells in your body will vibrate, relaxing you into a sounder sleep and a state of improved concentration.

Useful Yoga Poses For Snoring

  • The Cobra Pose – improves blood circulation while opening the chest and clearing the lungs
  • The Bow Pose – opens your chest muscles, allowing for deeper breaths and regulating breathing
  • Buzzing Bee Technique – help to relieve any tension while reducing blood pressure and increasing concentration
  • Skull Shining Breathing Technique – improves sleep and clears the sinuses

blonde girl sleeping

Yoga can be very beneficial to many areas of your well-being and health. By incorporating yoga into your life in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can improve your overall health and reduce your problems with snoring.