So What About Those Devices That Stop Snoring?

Snoring is a problem for the snorer and those around them, and not just at night while they sleep. Yes, snoring can keep others in the house awake but the person that snores isn’t getting a good night’s rest either. This in turn makes for a cranky person the next day that co-workers, family, and friends have to be around. And who wants to be around cranky person? Not getting a good night of rest and sleep can cause other issues as well.

Men over the age of 40 are the largest group of snorers. The average cause of this is because the muscles that are around and in their airways relax. Those muscles will expand into the airway and then as they breathe in and out while sleeping, they vibrate and then you have the sounds of snoring.

Another prevention method is to hold your lower jaw in the natural position that is relative to the upper jaw. This can be done with a chin strap or a mouthpiece that is designed to do just that. They both maintain the lower position for the jaw naturally which eliminates the snoring.

What To Do, What To Do!

Today, you’ll find a wide range of devices on the market that claim to be the cure for snoring. The cause of snoring has been credited to several reasons and each of those devices are each specific to a problem. So before purchasing one of them, you should have a complete understanding of what is causing your snoring. If you simply choose one without this understanding, it may not be effective at all and could even cause more problems.

The most effective anti-snoring products on the market are the devices that are worn in the mouth. They come with complete, detailed instructions on how to use them. One style is designed for the open-mouth snorer and the other style is for the closed-mouth snorer. These devices each work differently, focused on the type of snorer a person is.

One type of device reduces snoring by dilating the nasal airways that increase the airflow, keeping the nose from being congested. This device is recommended for those who have allergies or a cold that may cause them to have nose congestion.

A Magnetic Way

There is also a magnetic therapy that some people find to be the better alternative for them. It is a plastic nose ring device that has earth magnets on the ends. Before you go to bed, you place it on your nose and the sensory nerves are stimulated which causes the nose passages to open, thus reducing the snoring.

Acupressure Therapy

This therapy is a little silver ring that you wear on your little finger. The theory is it exerts pressure on the spots that are vital for releasing the flow of energy. It comes with a warranty and there have been many people say it worked great. Of course, any type of device or therapy is going to work differently for everyone, each having their own results.

Electronic Device

Another modern technique to eliminate snoring is an electronic bracelet. As you wear the bracelet on your arm, electronic pulses pass through the body that relaxes you. You can move the bracelet to more comfortable positions and it still works.

Stay Off Of Your Back

One method of sleeping has found to be a main cause of snoring.  This is because as you fall asleep on your back, your muscles relax and the jaw drops and goes backwards which puts pressure on your throat. Your tongue then blocks airways.

This can be prevented by training yourself to sleep on your side. You can do this by rolling a blanket or placing pillows against your back. There are some sold made specifically for this called “body pillow”.  Other people have placed a tennis ball in the pajamas so when they rolled over on it, they went back to lying on their side.

A Good Night’s Sleep Is Possible

No matter which of these ways you may try, you’ll need to give it time to work. None of them may be instant fixes and it may be a trial and error method until you find the right one. Just as with anything, no two people will have the same results from the same device or therapy.

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