How to avoid snoring on a plane?

Listening to somebody snoring away next to you can be a real pain, but it’s especially irritating if the snorer is a complete stranger who is sitting beside you on a flight. If you’re the one who has the snoring problem, getting on a plane can be a worrying experience. How are you going to make it through the trans-Atlantic journey without waking up the entire cabin with your snoring?

To help you to avoid this embarrassment, here are some helpful tips.

Use an Anti-Snoring Remedy

breathe right stripsThere are many anti-snoring solutions that you can buy over the counter and that can assist you if you’re worried about snoring on a long flight. There are several different options that are discreet enough to use on an aircraft without drawing too much attention to yourself. Products such as Breathe-Right strips, which go across the bridge of the nose and hold the nasal passages open, nasal dilators which fit discreetly into the nostrils, or nasal steroid sprays which can help to reduce congestion are all ideal for use.

Staying Hydrated

The recycled air in an aeroplane cabin is very dry and can dry out your nasal passages, worsening your snoring. You can help to avoid this problem by drinking lots of non-alcoholic drinks during your flight.

Staying Upright

man sleeping on a plane comfyIf your head is allowed to droop you are more likely to snore, but keeping your head upright can be difficult in a cramped airline seat. An anti-snoring pillow is the ideal solution for this problem. These inflatable pillows which fit around your neck are simple to pack in your hand luggage and will help you to avoid snoring. You should also avoid reclining your seat, as this also increases the chances of snoring. When you lie back, your tongue is able to fall backwards, blocking your air passageways which results in snoring. While sitting upright during a long flight is not terribly comfortable, it will limit your chances of irritating your fellow passengers.

Avoiding Medications and Alcohol

There are certain types of medication which are known to relax the muscles in the airways, leading to increased snoring. Alcohol is also known to have the same effect. If you’re worried about snoring in the sky, avoid taking either of these before or during your flight.

Staying Awake

One effective way to prevent yourself from snoring is to avoid falling asleep at all. Bring along plenty of things to keep you occupied such as books, DVDs or puzzles. It can actually be quite relaxing to stay awake on a long flight when most other passengers are sleeping.

Many people of all ages suffer from snoring, so there is no reason to feel embarrassed by your problem. However, if your snoring is especially loud, you will be glad to hear that by following these helpful tips you should be able to eliminate the problem of snoring on a plane, ensuring that you won’t experience any embarrassment during your flight and your fellow passengers will be able to enjoy a peaceful rest during their journey.