Five Cures To Stop Snoring

5 cures to stop snoringSnoring is one of the worst things we can be faced with – either ourselves as a snorer or somebody we live with as a snorer. Fortunately, there are several treatments that exist today that can help snorers and anyone with sleep apnea. However, they don’t all work the same for everyone and it may take a trial and error time to find the best one for an individual.  Here, we have five cures that have worked for many, and even if you have to try more than one to find success, it will be worth your while in order to get a good night’s rest.

Cure Number One: Change Your Lifestyle

Snoring is often linked to out-of-shape and overweight. So if you aren’t exercising – start. If you’re overweight – get on a diet. In fact, diet and exercise both are healthy ways to cure the snoring and you’ll have an even bigger payoff: You’ll feel good and look good too!

Other things you can do are to minimize any alcohol intake, especially right before going to bed. And change the position you sleep. Lying on your back can cause snoring so arrange your pillows to so they keep you on your side.

Cure Number Two. Over-The-Counter Solutions

Allergies and/or nasal congestion are often the culprits that cause snoring. Over-the-counter antihistamines or decongestants can be the cure you need. They will help you breathe easier which will also you to sleep comfortably. The anti-snoring sprays and strips haven’t proven to experts that they are as effective as they claim to be.

Cure Number Three: Oral Devices

These require a trip to the dentist, but for somebody that has tried everything else, then a dental appliance may be the answer. These hold the jaw and tongue in place so that the airway stays open. There has been a success rate of 50% to 80% with these devices. You can buy them online, but going to the dentist, you’ll get one that is personalized just for you.

Cure Number Four: CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

CPAP is the therapy most doctors are prescribing for patients with sleep apnea. A mask is placed over the face and nose and worn while sleeping. Air is then pushed into the nasal passages by way of a pump that is connected to the mask. This keeps the airway open and eliminates the snoring and risk of sleep apnea. a problem, though.

Cure Number Five: Surgery

If all other attempts to stop the snoring won’t work, surgery is a last resort for many people. Your general healthcare provider will refer you to a specialist that can perform the surgery that will increase your airway size. This is done by correcting a structural problem like removing your adenoids or correcting a deviated septum. There are techniques such as placing implants that will stimulate the growth of scar tissue in the palate or remove the uvula.


In 2005, a sleep foundation took a poll of people who admitted having sleep problems, the most common was snoring. The poll was to determine if snoring had any impact on how well those people slept and if it had negative effects on their personal relationships.

Snoring is such a dire situation, new home construction has seen an increase in a two master bedroom plan or a smaller bedroom off the master used as a “snoring room” for the snoring offender to sleep in.  This is a very extreme setup, but if you’ve ever lived with a snorer and gone through countless hours for countless nights of not getting any sleep, you’re willing to do almost anything.

Before you banish your partner to another part of the house, though, encourage them to try the five cures we’ve discussed here first. Any of them is bound to be a better solution for both of you in the fact that you’ll get a better night’s rest and so will your partner. With a good night’s sleep, you’ll be rested and more energetic. This will make you perform better at school, work and everyday life activities. And whichever of you is the snorer, getting a cure will make you healthier in the long run too. Visit our homepage to read more:


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