My roommate snores – what can I do?

snoringIf you’re a college student, any excitement that you have had about setting off on a new life adventure can be suddenly spoiled if you find that you’re sharing your room with a snorer. Although it’s probably something that you have never thought about while preparing to go away to college, snoring can be a surprisingly big problem between roommates – think about it, if you can’t sleep because you’re sharing your space with a snorer you will be exhausted during classes and will be unable to focus properly on your studies. So what can you do to resolve the problem?

Cover Your Ears

man covering his ears with pillowsWhile it may sound silly, if you don’t feel able to confront your roommate about their snoring problem, the best solution could well be to invest in a pair of good quality ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones. These will help to block out the unpleasant sounds that are are keeping you from your rest.

Confront Your Roommate

Although it may be embarrassing, having a discussion with your roommate is one of the best ways to confront the problem. Tell them that it is having a major effect on your life – they may also find that the problem is affecting them too but have not realised it yet. There are a number of remedies they can try to stop the problem, so suggest that they sleep on their side rather than their back as this can worsen snoring by blocking the air passages. Some other things you can suggest are cutting back on alcohol, as this causes snoring, or buying a mouth guard which can also reduce or even eliminate the problem. Your roommate may even be suffering from sleep apnea, and suggesting that they seek out medical advice for their snoring in those cases will be very beneficial to their health and well-being, since sleep apnea is a serious medical problem that can lead to even worse conditions in the long term.

Stay Friendly And Positive

positive man smilingAlthough you may be tempted to video their snoring and post it all over social media, you should definitely refrain from doing so. Imagine how you would feel if the situation was reversed. Your roommate may not even be aware that they have such a serious problem with snoring. Instead of becoming frustrated or angry with them, bear in mind that they are not snoring deliberately to wind you up or upset you, and that they cannot help it. Be patient, understanding and considerate when you raise the issue with them and try to work together with them to find a solution that can help both of you to get a good night’s rest. It may take some time, but if you stay positive there are many solutions available and one of them is sure to help in reducing the problem so that you can both stay friends while enjoying the full night of sleep that you need to get the most out of your college experience.